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Internet orders – 20% of discount

If you register to our website and order our services or products via the Internet, we will grant you 20% of discount. It is our way of repaying our customers for giving us trust and believing our company. The discount will last until the first week of May. Use your chance to get a great service for affordable price.

  • About us
    Hello, my name is Richard Dick, and I founded this company 15 years ago, in Sioux Falls, SD. Here is a short history about our company and how I manage to develop it. When I started this business, my career path was a complete opposite of what I am doing today. I worked as a senior advisor in a bank, managing the loans. The long working hours, stress and absence of my family have made me thinking of a job change. Before I got to an idea to open a pest control company, I heard all the time from my colleagues and friends the problems they were having with pests. Fortunately, I never faced such a problem, my home was pest free. But, that got me thinking about a job I could start. Six months later, I quit a job at a bank invested my savings into this company, gathered my family around me, and now we are working as a team. I completed my mission in becoming one of the best companies on the market. And our goal is to help all the people out there to get rid of the bugs and pests.