Latest technologies in pest control

Pest control market is growing every day. People face different situations and problems, and there is no bigger invasion than pest invasion. They can make you feel like you are stranger in your house. Apart from being boring and unpleasant, pests can also transmit infectious diseases. Call a trained professional who will help you resolve this problem if you aren’t too skilled to deal with them,  Our company invests a lot of money in new technologies, and we aim to help our clients to retrieve their house again.

Boroscope – this is a great tool which helps us inspect the inside of the walls. It has a long tube with an eyepiece on end. It is an optical system with a lens that uses special technology and allows us to see what we can’t see with our naked eyes. With this tool, we can inspect the walls, which are the most common places pests use to hide.

Moisture meter – this device can determine and measure the moisture in wood, concrete, drywall and so on. With moisture meter, we can discover wet areas around the house as well the places with great humidity. It is a well-known fact that termites love wet spots and that they are drawn to moisture. In this way, we don’t have to wander around the house looking for possible places. Moisture meter allows us to find it in just a few minutes.


Movement meter – with this technology we can monitor any movement inside or behind the walls.

Termatrec – tracks the movement behind or inside of most surfaces, it doesn’t have to be just walls. It has great sensors; it can detect any pests without physical penetration. We won’t make a mess out of your home; everything will be done neatly and professionally.

Infrared thermal camera – with this camera, we are not only able to determine the water leaks, but also pest nests. The picture will be displayed on a screen, and this camera can catch almost anything. The bugs and pests that can’t be seen with naked eye.